Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, and we have the answers.

Do we have to run up the hill?

You could certainly run up some of the flatter areas but most of the routes are more of a hike.

Are running shoes recommended?

A stiff sole trail running or hiking shoe is recommended and trekking poles are welcomed if you would like to use them.

How many times do you go up the hill?

The idea is to log as many laps as you can in the allotted five hours. You can progress at your own pace and When you think you’ve done as many as you can, go for one more!!!!!!!

I noticed that there are three levels of difficulty to climb. Do I have to choose one level and stay with it?

No. Feel free to take any of the three routes depending on how you’re feeling during that lap...Remember every lap raises the bar and just keep progressing.

How long are the hills?

There is over 700 ft of elevation gained. The Exhibition Run chairlift is 2,400 feet long. The route underneath the chair is the steepest and the most direct. The two remaining routes are bit less steep but a little longer.

Can you recommend hotels in the area?

There are a few hotels in Ellicottville that fill up very fast in the season. However this is a ski town with hundreds of ski chalet‘s and condos that are not used as much in the summertime. The best and most economical lodging can be found on Airbnb or VRBO.

Is the event self supported?

We will provide water and electrolyte drinks on the course. We recommend bringing a water bottle for refills during the race. We will provide cookies, bananas & pretzels at the base of the hill during the climb and a light lunch will be served at about 12:00.You are welcome to compliment with your preferred nutrition.

Is there an athlete area to put bags etc.

Yes there will be a secure tented area just for athletes, where they can rest, change clothes etc. it is recommended to bring a folding chair as seating will be limited.

Is there an area for spectators?

This is a very spectator friendly event. You can see quite a bit of the hill from the bottom and spectators are welcome on the course as long as they stay off of the direct path of the athletes. There is a beautiful patio at the base with Adirondack chairs and tables for spectators. There will be food available and coolers are welcomed.

Are headphones allowed?

Yes! We will have a DJ and plenty of music on the hill. We actually encourage you not to wear headphones so that you can engage with your fellow athletes.

Is there an athletic trainer/medical staff?

Yes there will be athletic trainers keeping an eye on all the athletes and also giving recommendations on hydration, nourishment etc.

Do we really ride a chairlift down?

Yes, after each climb to the top you can refill your water bottle and enjoy the scenic recovery ride back to the base.